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   What we do:

   We specialize in helping Sellers efficiently and effectively market and sell their Dressage and Sport horses. 


      *  Consignment programs available.  Inquire for details.

      *  Professional Evaluation of horses to be marketed
      *  Continuous communication with Seller

      *  Professional Videotaping and Sales Video Production
      *  Web, Newsletters, Flyers and Face to Face Marketing. 
      *  Prompt attention to Buyer inquiries.


     How We are successful and how our marketing works:


     *  Take video of the horses for sale

     *  Edit the video and place it on YouTube.

     *  Place ads online including my website – OakHill Dressage

     *  Send out newsletter updates with new horses.

     *  Place new horses on OakHill Dressage Face Book page.

     *  Answer all phone call and email inquiries in a timely manner. 

     *  Assist with travel arrangements and will pick up clients from the airport.

      *  Basically we assist through the whole marketing/pre-purchase exam/sales process to make it as easy as
         possible between buyer and seller 

     *  Commission upon sale of horse is - 10% of the sales price for horses under $75,000 and over $25,000

            ** Horses under $25,000 15% of sales price. 
           **  Special Marketing and Accommodations for horses over $75,000. 

     *  Cancelation of marketing - $500 for my time and ad expenses .

              **  Additional Marketing expenses may be added for horses being marketed on Dressage Daily and special
                marketing campaigns.
  Please inquire about our different marketing campaigns for horses.

     *  Help Negotiate final sales price with buyer and seller

     *  Issue a Bill of Sale for both buyer and seller to sign.

      *  Assist in arrangement for Brand Inspections and Transport of horse



    Who we are:  


      Darlene Hill
      *  20+ years of Dressage and Marketing Experience

       *  Over 15+ years of combined ownership of  EquiClips.com and now OakHill Dressage

      *  Educated at Colorado State University in Equine Science
      *  Worked as an assistant to former Head of Pathology at CSU Vet Teaching Hospital for
          2 years.


        I enjoy every aspect of Marketing and Sales as well as assisting  buyers in finding the
        right horse for them. 


For more information or to arrange a private showing of horses offered for sale,
Call 970-481-5957 or via Email at oakhilldressage@hotmail.com